1.Add users


To add users to use the system, go to the ‘users’ tab in the side panel under 'Management'.



 When list of users appears, select the ‘Add’ button to add a new user. 







2. Enter the user information and assign the user permissions


Enter email, phone, first name and last name.

In case you have multiple roles at the site, on the right, roll over “+” to add an additional role.


If you want to give additional permissions (beyond the role) to the user, check the boxes.






You are granted permission by entering the individual categories of m.in. Clinical trials, Medical Documentation, Finance and selecting the modules of the system you want the user to have access to.



You can configure user roles in the ‘Settings’ tab, then ‘Main Settings’, ‘User Roles’.

Here you assign the permissions you have selected to each role.




If you have completed all the steps in the ‘Basic Site Configuration’ - you already have a role creation stage.

‘Confirm’ your settings.