If you didn’t complete all of the optional fields during creating a new clinical trial, nothing was lost!

You can easily add or edit information.

Menu -> Clinical trials -> Select a specific trial -> Trial desktop -> Settings -> Basic information

To edit data in a clinical trial:

From the menu on the left, select the Clinical trial tab (pills icon), use the magnifying glass icon to search for the trial you want to edit.


Hover over the specific trial and click the browser icon that appeared on the right.

On the trial desktop, click the Settings button.


On the Basic Information tab, make the changes of your interest. All data are editable.

Click the Save button at the bottom.


After clicking the Save button, the trial data editing screen is closed, the trial list appears. A message was displayed in the upper-right corner: Trial settings saved successfully.

To edit clinical trial data, you need the following permissions: Access to clinical trials, Access to clinical trials settings.