In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create a new user and assign a role to a user.

To add a user, select:

Menu à Management à Users


To add a new user:

Select the Management tab (the gear icon in the lower-left corner)and then in the Main settings section select Users


After opening the User list, the data of individual users are displayed in the central part of the screen. Adding a new person to the list of users is possible after clicking the Add user button in the upper right corner of the screen.



In the menu of adding staff, complete the required fields, which includes: Email, First name, Last name, Phone, and User role


The Select staff field is an optional field - if the staff was created first, you can enter the first name and last name of the staff in this field. The user’s account will then be associated with the staff.



To confirm the data, just click the Save button.


A message will be sent to the provided email address of the new user, asking for a password to be set.



Selecting a user’s role


In the following tutorial, you will learn how to assign roles to a user and how to edit them.

The role in the system is a set of user’s permissions to view and/ or edit various functionalities. You will find a list of predefined roles in the system such as Manager or Doctor.


The role list will be displayed in the Create user menu, after clicking on a combo box User role. From the list select a role you want to give to the user. After selecting a role, a menu will appear below with a selection of permissions in different sections. Some of them will be automatically selected depending on the chosen role.








You can adjust the user’s permissions yourself. To do this, click on the row of the section with permissions and then click on the permission you want to activate or deactivate - After expanding the section, the assigned permissions will appear (blue buttons) and the permissions that can be assigned (white buttons).

You can also select or deselect all accesses in the section with one click.




Note: You can assign multiple roles to one user by selecting them from the User role list.



Selected roles will be listed below in the tabs, next to each other.


Permissions are granted separately for each of the roles - the pool of permissions for the Doctor will be different than for the Manager. Each of them should be adjusted individually or leave the default settings.